Call Me Angel, Sir (1976)


Starring: Zebedy Colt (Narrator), Jean Dalton (Jody Angel as Diane Dalton), Bambi Deer (Joan Jaffe), Luis De Jesus (Andy Green as Short Stud), Jeffrey Hurst (Jay Norris as Jeff Hurst), Wade Nichols ( Football Jock), Annie Sprinkle (Tracy Dixon), Ultramax ( Ange Lewis as Ultra Maxine)

What you are about to witness are actual case histories from the files of a well known psychotherapist and authoress. Her occupation is now of another nature: body-broker and Mistress of Minds. Her makeup is sinister, laced with a perfume of corruption.

JODY ANGEL (Diane Dalton) came for a visit to the Big Apple to find her Aunt Ange and found herself entrapped in a world you will never forget. On this island of lust there is a palace of pleasure and illusion. Within this palace is a limbo land of an opposite nature. Upon her arrival at Ange’s pleasure palace, Jody is most impressed with her luxurious and opulent surroundings. She is unaware that Ange and her slave-lover J.Jay (Jeff Hurst) are determined to groom and abduct the teddy bear toting Angel into a “wildrose” with principles of the most “unbridled nature”, which include mental and physical bondage.


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