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Evil Ways of Love (1972)

Starring: Rainbow Robbins

Description: Off the sunny, sandy beaches of Florida, is a houseboat named �Evil Ways� captained by �Andy W.�, a man seeking pleasure with one girl after another. Cheated on by his fianc�e, Andy sails the ocean in his floating lust-barge, bringing countless new women aboard to enjoy sex, pretzels, lunch meat and Schlitz beer. He is a sadist without a shirt, on mission to bang busty babes in every way possible. This early 70�s adult oddity is shrouded in mystery. It�s a film that contains only a title card for identification. There are no opening or closing credits, and it is a very compact 64 minutes in length. Unconfirmed rumors state this is directed by the one and only Gerard Damiano, right before hitting the big time with the world-famous blockbuster adult feature, DEEP THROAT, arguably the most well-known adult film of all time.



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