Honeysuckle Rose (1981)


Starring: Jean Joseph, Marcia Minor, Rachel Farraday, Rikki O’Neal, Samantha Fox, Serena, Bobby Astyr, Carter Stevens, Hershel Savage, Ron Hudd, John Holmes

Kate and Sam are a loving couple who want desperately to get rich, but when Kate blows their savings by buying a race horse named Honeysuckle Rose who never wins, it puts a mean strain on their marriage. They begin to fight and eventually seek solace in the arms of others in a series of torrid extra-marital affairs. Later, Honeysuckle Rose unexpectedly starts to win and their fortunes change. Now they’re rolling in dough and can debauch together as a couple. Samantha Strong and John Holmes star as the wayward couple, and the legendary Mr. Holmes is, as always, a spectacle to watch while in action, if not while acting.


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