Last Sensation (1974)


Starring: Ric Lutze, Carmen Olivera

Ric Lutze copes with a confusing role, seemingly ad libbed, of an overworked guy who everybody makes demands upon, at the office or simply to help with their homework (!) -again the porn thesps are way to old to play students but they do. He’s even on the hook to find a copy of Lewis Carroll’s Alice Through the Looking Glass for one of them, in a plot ploy that goes nowhere.

One time he arrives home late from the office, complaining that his car broke down and the guy who gave him a ride “tried to ball me”. We have seen the pickup scene earlier, but a recurring soundtrack defect rendered it unintelligible, and there’s no telling if some sort of homosex scene is missing here. In general, the sound recording/editing for this movie never approaches competency.


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