Lust In Space (1985)


Starring: Gina Carrera, Lana Burner, Ali Moore, Ami Rodgers, Andrea Brittian, Buck Adams, Harry Reems, Hershel Savage, Kevin James, Rick Savage, Ron Jeremy, Tom Byron

Ron Jeremy is a planetary ruler and wants to populate it with porn stars! He has Spoda, played by Tiffany Million in green face makeup and on her knees (think Yoda), make android girls and dildos to help him with his endeavor. Anyone who gets it on with the androids..or the dildo’s..becomes a porn star. The androids and dildos are sent to Earth to turn regular people into porn stars and bring them back. First they come up on some guys in the woods hunting. Then another girl that once she is transformed is HILARIOUS giving her demands and rates. This is hilarious and one of Ron’s best perfomances.


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