Sex Aliens (1987)


Starring: Blondi, Candie Evens, Lorrie Lovett, Sheena Horne, Tish Ambrose, Don Fernando, Frank James, Peter North, Ron Jeremy, Tony Montana

It’s a steamy sex-search as Captain Alexa (Candie Evans) and Lieutenant Raea (Blondi) travel the universe to located Prince Romash-the last make in a species of Sex Aliens. Following him to a sex clinic on earth, Alexa and Raea send two … Full Descriptionamorous “probes” (Sheena Horne & Lorrie Lovitt) to sniff out the prince. and what a time these girls have “investigating” the male patients! Even nurse Trina (Tish Ambrose) and Raea are inspired to experience some luscious girl-girl action. Finally, Alexa locates their randy ruler in the form of Dr. Sheen (Ron Jeremy). Watch out! When these erotic extra-terrestrials get together, the action is out of this world!


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