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Surrender in Paradise (1984)


Crystal Holland, Diva, Ginger Lynn, Lois Ayres, Renee Tiffany, Stacey Donovan, Jerry Butler�

Description: Surrender in Paradise� represents everything that was great about 80s porn. Gorgeous, curvaceous women, lavish production values and a simplistic but effective plot combine to make this one of the greatest couple�s flicks ever shot. Filmed entirely on location in some of Hawaii�s most breathtaking locales, the film stars Jerry Butler as an escaped con who finds himself washed ashore on a deserted island after a jailbreak at sea. Well, not entirely deserted. It seems that the same storm that capsized his dinghy also wrecked the yacht of a group of beautiful fashion models on their way to a shoot. At first the six scrumptious stunners don�t want anything to do with him. But eventually the luscious ladies find his swarthy survival skills too much to resist.�



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