JFF – ItsMarcusXXX: Devious Hotel: Marco Rush, Kalid2020, David Cork

That day, @kalid2020 and I woke up early in the morning, caught a train to the North and 5 hours late we arrived to our Hotel. We booked it few months earlier, it was one of the most expensive and best rated in the city, but we didn't mind to spend a bit more of the usual as that was the first gataway we were having after a long time.
The hotel was really cool, elegant and the room cosy and modern, but the city was waiting for us. He went to take a shower when we made a terrible discovery: the shower wasn't working!
Straight away I called to the reception who sent us @davidcork84, their best handy man: a huge, muscled, blond guy that had both of us hypnotised!
After a few attempts repairing it, he recognised the issue was complicated and it would have taken couple of days to be fixed. No other room was available. I was furious and threatening to leave a bad feedback but the handyman knew a way to calm us down…

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