Rudo y Cursi (2008) Spanish (Sub: English)

Title: Rudo y Cursi (2008)
Genres: Comedy, Drama, Sport
Description: Mexican half-brothers Beto and Tato–who will eventually be appropriately nicknamed Rudo (rough) and Cursi (corny)–have a typical love/hate relationship. They both work on a banana plantation and live with their extended family consisting of their mother, abusive stepfather, sister Nadia, and Beto’s wife Toña and their children. The family are rural peasant class and are barely making ends meet. The brothers’ fortunes change when into their lives comes Batuta, a soccer scout. Despite their advancing ages, both Beto and Tato are naturally gifted at soccer, Beto as a goaltender and Tato as a striker. Playing professionally has always been Beto’s dream, although Tato has other professional thoughts. Batuta eventually recruits both for different teams in Mexico City. Beto’s and Tato’s fortunes rise and fall, the falls based on things which hold more passion for the brothers–Tato loves fast women, specifically television spokesmodel Maya, but he loves singing even more. He would give up his soccer career for one in Mexican country singing, if only he was any good. Beto’s passion is gambling. Although Beto is upfront and straightforward about most things, he would lie and cheat to hide his gambling problem and debts. They just need to keep these alternate passions in check to make their soccer lives lucrative ones.
Director: Carlos Cuarón
Writer: Carlos Cuarón
Actors: Gael García Bernal, Diego Luna, Guillermo Francella
Rating: 6.8
Vote: 8773
Runtime: 103 min
Language: Spanish

FileSize: 1.58 GB





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