STX – Marcus Templer & Jordan Jacobs

As countless folk have discovered over the years, it always pays to keep a boss happy and content, so you can totally understand why young Jordan Jacobs is so keen to curry favour with Marcus Templer. Forget the fact that Templer is self-evidently old enough to be Jacobs’s man – the important thing is that the youngster keeps on the right side of a fellow who can so easily make the difference between professional happiness and frustration. And in this instance that means Jacobs getting down on the floor, right between his boss’ legs, so that he can get to know Templer’s dick a whole lot better!
Fortunately for the office newbie, his manager’s cock is quite a handsome offering by anyone’s standards – a fact underlined by the eagerness with which the lad embraces the said phallus and gives it such a rigorous oral workout. Not that Jacobs is lacking in the length department, it must be noted; but given that the intention here is for the suited Mister Templer to gain full satisfaction the emphasis on this particular occasion at least is on the older fellow’s shaft and as such the return blowjob seems a comparatively brief affair.
Indeed, before you know it the boss is face-fucking his underline against the wall; before impaling the lad on his dick cowboy-style, and then unceremoniously fucking him over the office desk. Whereupon Jacobs squirts a generous load over his belly, before Templer calls it a wrap by knocking out a somewhat violent wad across the width of the table!

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