Title: A Siren in the Dark (2009)
Genres: Drama, Horror, Mystery, Thriller
Description: Cameron, a Police Officer with psychic abilities, is called upon to interview an accused teen in hopes of finding the whereabouts of the teen’s missing gay lover. His investigation immediately spirals into sordid tales of drug abuse, sexual obsessions, and a mysterious man living on a deserted mountain road. This handsome but very deadly “Siren” is a seeker of the lost and lonely, and revels in playing on their addictions. Has the lost lover met his end? Is the accused teen himself even among the living? As the tale unfolds, will Cameron find himself safe from the lure of the deadly and mysterious “Siren in the Dark?”
Director: Laura Reilly, Steven Vasquez
Writer: Steven Vasquez (writer)
Actors: Todd Williams, Orion Cross, Jason Dodds, Kyle Lankins
Rating: 3.1
Vote: 211
Runtime: 81 min
Language: English

FileSize: 1.39 GB




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