Title: Are We Lost Forever (2020)
Genres: Drama, Romance
Description: Painful breakups and loving meetings in an intimate relationship drama where each scene exudes sorrow, desperation and unrequited love. Adrian and Hampus’s relationship has gone down increasingly destructive paths and during one fateful discussion it all ends. Hampus and Adrian are no more, but in some way they have to go on living. A healing process divided into stages of desperate attempts to reunite as well as rebounds, which sometimes push them further apart and sometimes closer together. Göteborg native David Färdmar (The Happiest Day, My name is Love, A Sting of Maud, No More We) makes a feature film debut with a bitter-sweet portrayal of the painful time following the end of a long relationship and when life has to start over.
Director: David Färdmar
Writer: David Färdmar
Actors: Björn Elgerd, Jonathan Andersson, Micki Stoltt
Rating: 5.3
Vote: 540
Runtime: 104 min
Language: English

FileSize: 1.85 GB




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