Studio Name: BadPuppy
Stars: David Scott, Alex Foster, Jason Longh, Conner Habib, Jayden Grey, Tristan Sterling, Chad Davis, Alex Slater, Tomy, Mick, Tony Douglas, Bobby Rail, Tucker Scott
Categories: Amateur, Twink, Anal, Hardcore, High Definition,
Description: BadPuppy’s hottest 14 guy fuckfest starring Chad Davis, David Scott, Bobby Rail, Alex Foster, Jason Longh, Conner Habib, Alex Slater,Tony Douglas, Tristan Sterling, Tucker Scott, Jayden Grey, Mick, and Tomy in two hours of non-stop Twink sex! 

Size: 2.17 GB

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    1. Author

      I downloaded the files and there was no problems extracting them. Make sure that both files are on the same folder and also that the first part is 1.95 GB (2,097,152,000 bytes) while the second one is 220 MB (231,091,629 bytes)

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