Studio Name: BarebackBoyBangers
Stars: Damien Dickey, Ray Burn, Milos Zambo, Picardo Lio, Carl Baxter, Connor Levi, Aslan Brutti, John Parker, Thor
Categories: Amateur, Bareback, Czech, European, Fingering, International, Public Sex, Rimming, Shaved, Twinks, Uncut
Description: Rustic Pleasures? More like carnal pleasures. There’s nothing rustic about these boys – unless you count the rustic places they are fucking the daylights out of each other. These farmhands have had enough of milking the cows – they’re in the mood for milking some hard cock. In the fields, in the farmhouse – in fact anywhere they can, these honed sausage jockeys want to feel the pleasure of skin on skin. Tongues entwine as passionate kisses lead to butt cracks being spit-lubed and meaty shafts are sucked until they are throbbing and aching to plunge into a tight blowhole. Watch these studs devour each other in 100% bareback goodness.

Size: 1.59 GB



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