Studio Name: BelAmi
Stars: Adam Archuleta, Billy Cotton, Jaco Van Sant, Jim Collins, Andre Boleyn, Harris Hilton, Alex Orioli, Dario Dolce, Todd Rosset,
Categories: Amateur, Euro, International, Twink, Anal, Uncut, Safe Sex, High Definition, Exclusive
Description: Andre proves he can take it. No less passionately than he gives it. What about you? Do You Take It? Harris is such a fine bottom that we don’t normally even think about using him as a top, but our cameramen decided it would be perfect if he topped Andre, and it was. Two of our most experienced guys get together Kinky Angel Andre for this spit roasting three way where Alex and Todd fuck Andre, followed by Todd getting fucked and then back to Andre again. Billy and Jaco head outside for some fun in the sun. Jim is an archive assistant in BelAmi’s Bratislava studio, looking after tapes, catalogs and paperwork normally, but every now and then he has the urge to be in front of the camera as well, and we got him in front of the camera with our Andre for some twinky fun.

Size: 1.56 GB


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