Title: Mía & Moi (2021)
Genres: Drama
Description: After the death of their mother, Mia and Moi are two brothers that they meet at the family house, set in a remote corner in the middle of nowhere. With Moi is Biel, his good-mannered boyfriend, who tries to handle with Moi schizophrenia and the medication he takes to prevent delusions and hallucinations. Alone in the house, the three spend the days remembering the old days with their parents and talking about the plans of future, while Biel tries to help Moi to heal him of his illness, in the hope for recovering the boy that he fell in love, and leaving behind the closed on himself and submerged in sadness and apathy man that he turned because the medication. However, the peace and tranquility between them end when Mikel, Mia’s boyfriend, appears in the house after a biker accident. Macho, troublemaker, stoner and obsessed to recover Mia at any cost, the arrival of Mikel disturbs not only Mia, decided to break-up with him, but Moi, who feels Mikel as a threat for his sister. Convencing Mia to keep in the house for healing the hurts in his body by the accident, his presence starts to affect not only Mia but Moi and Biel. Then, one night, things go too far, and the tension blows up in an act of violence of terrible consequences.
Director: Borja de la Vega
Writer: Borja de la Vega
Actors: Bruna Cusí, Ricardo Gómez, Eneko Sagardoy
Rating: 7.3
Vote: 53
Runtime: 107 min
Language: Spanish

FileSize: 2.66 GB




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