Studio Name: Bromo
Stars: Rudy Valentino, Jerome (Sean Cody), Tony (Sean Cody), Eric Spector, Luke (Sean Cody), Jamie Owens, Ryan Cage
Categories: Bareback, Big Dicks, Deep Throat, Muscled Men, Pizza Delivery, Tattoos, Twinks
Description: Bromo presents Breeding Time:
Looking For A Boytoy: When tall, dominant Luke spots cute Rudy Valentino waiting for an elevator, he knows instantly this is the boytoy he’s been seeking. He catches up with Rudy at the top of the stairs and goes straight for the twink’s cock. Rudy wants to get fucked so he goes back to Luke’s room and sucks the top’s big dick before Luke fucks him doggystyle and then penetrates his mouth. The submissive bottom loves when Luke squeezes his balls hard and sucks his meat, then pounds his hole in missionary till Rudy cums before Luke drips his own spunk all over the bottom’s balls.
Deep Down: Dark-haired stud Eric is out on his balcony hanging out while an intruder, fit Tony, enters his apartment, and surprises him. Chiseled Eric is shocked to see him standing over him rubbing his erect cock, but willingly follows him back inside so he can get a taste of Tony’s massive dick. He gets throat fucked and ass punched until they both shoot a load.
Pizza Delivery Twink: Jerome spends the time waiting for his pizza to arrive by jacking his thick cock till delivery guy Jamie Owens rings the bell. But when Jerome checks the boxes, one is totally empty and the other is half eaten. Jamie already took the money, so Jerome pulls the twink inside. If Jamie is so hungry, he can devour Jerome’s dick, too. The tattooed top fucks the pizza guy’s face, then strips him and has him get on top and ride his cock. Jerome fucks Jamie in spoon, then folds him in half like a New York slice and fucks his hole missionary before cumming on his ass. Then Jerome makes the twink suck him as Falcon jerks off till he orgasms.
Demolition Dick: For criminals Ryan Cage and Luke, mayhem is their favorite form of foreplay. These masked men smash up a car and start getting horny and rubbing each other’s cocks through their pants, but they have to run away when they hear sirens approaching. They find an empty apartment and Ryan pushes the bottom down to suck his cock, then fucks his hole doggystyle. Luke rides the tatted-up top’s dick on the floor, then Ryan fucks him before pulling out and cumming, then watches as Luke jacks his cock till he blows his load too.

Size: 3.87 GB





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