Studio Name: Colt
Stars: Adam Dexter, Alex Chandler, Alex Cobel, Brian Hansen, Brock Hatcher, Danny Roddick, Diego De La Hoya, Hank Dutch, Josh Weston, Ken Browning, Park Wiley
Description: Australian foreign exchange student Brian Hansen is holding out for the ideal fantasy man! He secretly interrupts his studies to jerk off to his favorite Colt Men while his roommate’s screwing everyone he meets. After witnessing his roommate’s series of tricks, hearing his tale of wild orgies, turning down a three-way with his best mate, and then being stood up by an Internet date himself, he starts to give up hope, considers settling for the next man who walks by. Meet Adam Dexter who’s working out at Brian’s gym, Brian’s has his very own Hard Studies!

Size: 1.6 GB



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