Studio Name: DarkAlley
Stars: Matthias Von Fistenberg, Eddie Von Fistenberg, Guiny, Guina (m), Rudy, Junior, Steve, Rafael, Joao, Riu Melo, Yan, Pedro *
Description: Machismo (machismo) noun 1. A strong sense of masculinity stressing attributes such as physical courage, virility, domination, and aggressiveness. 2. An exaggerated sense of strength of toughness. 3. The feeling of confidence and swagger that comes from having a really big dick, big muscles, and knowing how to fuck. Featuring many of the same horse hung studs as the Monster Inside Me series, Machismo is Matthias von Fistenberg’s latest study of the hot blooded masculine sexuality of the men of Rio De Janeiro, Brazil. But unlike Monster, Machismo goes deeper – literally — featuring a 32 minute extending fisting session featuring fan favorite bottom Eddie von Fistenberg. This DVD has over two hours of non stop action, and is sure to delight not only fans of Matthias’, but also admirers of hung, uncut, latin macho-tops… and who doesn’t like that .

Size: 1.89 GB



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