Studio Name: DarkAlley
Stars: Geoff Paine, Letterio Amadeo, Macanao, Joe Gunn, Max Duran, Frank Valencia, John Rodriguez
Categories: Fetish, Leather, Muscles, Bareback, Anal, Extreme Penetration, High Definition, Exclusive
Description: Straight from Matthias Von Fistenberg’s cum-filled sex dungeon comes the most Twisted film to date. When jizz-dripping bare cocks aren’t enough, getting knuckle fucked to churn the load will really push you to the point of explosion. Desperately insatiable cum-cunt John Rodriguez is back and begging for more along with fuck sluts Joe Gunn and Max Duran while Twisted tops Macanao, Geoff Paine, Frank Valencia, and Letterio fuck their ecstatic hungry holes. What are you waiting for? Let’s get Twisted!

Size: 1.42 GB




  1. The cover image and the video are for two different films of the same name.
    The video file is Dark Alley XT’s (Dark Alley Media) Twisted (2015), and the cover image is for Club Inferno’s (Hot Hot Entertainment) Twisted (2005).
    I was actually hoping to download the Club Inferno video.

    1. Author

      apologies for the mixup – the cover page has been changed and the correct CI video is HERE

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