Title: Eat with Me (2014)
Genres: Comedy, Drama, Romance
Description: Emma only knows one way how to add spice to her life… by squirting it from a bottle of hot sauce. The rest of her life is cushy but bland: scrambled egg whites, decaffeinated coffee and her husband, Ray. She’s had enough and runs away from home. Her estranged son, Elliot, finds her lurking outside his restaurant with suitcase in hand. They try to start over again as mother and son in this odd-couple living situation, but she’s old-fashioned, and he’s gay. Between them are years of awkward moments and unspoken tensions. Feeling lonely, Emma accidentally befriends the lady next door who’s so eccentric that Emma’s way over her head. Meanwhile, a passionate encounter with a man in a bar turns Elliot’s fear of commitment on its head. With dumplings, dessert, whiskey, and even Ecstasy in front of them, will they give in to their indulgences? And can mother and son reconcile while struggling to discover their own appetites for life?
Director: David Au
Writer: David Au, Mark Neal
Actors: Sharon Omi, Edward Chen, Nicole Sullivan
Rating: 6.8
Vote: 1331
Runtime: 95 min
Language: English

FileSize: 408.61 MB




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