Studio Name: EuroCreme
Stars: Tom Schwarz, James Grant, Robbie G., Andre O’Layton, Jean Maxence, Billy Slade, David James, Sebastian Court, Justin Scott, Johan Volny, Cameron Jackson, Chris Cooke, Ben Hunter, Jay Renfro, Andrew Dean, Ben Taylor
Categories: Euro, Feature, International, Military, Czech, Prison Sex, British,
Description: Private Grant is a British squaddie. A lean, mean fighting machine, he’s the best. He’s joined the Army to find his dream guy. After spying trooper Tom Schwarz enjoying a rough and ready fuck on a combat training exercise, The Army doctor’s probing medical finds Grant fit to fight, and he’s soon in Basic Training. It’s a hard regime, and the directing staff are very demanding. But Grant has special talent! He’s the battalion’s top gun… until an indiscretion with a new recruit lands him in military prison. Will this be the final defeat for Private Grant?

Size: 1.59 GB



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