Studio Name: Falcon
Stars: Rod Barry, Josh Weston, Maxx Diesel, Christoph Scharff, Tyler Gunn, Jason Ridge, Rafael Alencar, Danny Vox, Barrett Long
Categories:Big Dick Feature Muscles Jocks Safe Sex Exclusive
Description: Join Falcon Exclusive Josh Weston, Danny Vox, Rocky, and Jason Ridge for a seductive contest of wits, wills, and powers of persuasion as each man attempts to charm his way into the arms of the straight man of his dreams. Falcon Exclusives Barrett Long, Maxx Diesel, and Tyler Gunn; newcomers Christoph Scharff and Rafael Alencar; and Falcon favorite Rod Barry are the primed, pumped and not-so-innocent pawns in this erotic game of cat and mouse. Follow the competition and keep score as these hot and bothered studs get serious about perfecting their skills of seduction. Falcon Exclusive Josh Weston starts the seduction with Brazilian cable guy Rafael Alencar. Falcon Exclusive Tyler Gunn is the helpful but comic side-kick who will go to any lengths to ensure that Josh wins the bet but will he go far enough? Rocky is next at bat with Falcon favorite Rod Barry as the hot pool guy Rocky’s been trying to seduce all summer. The boys back at base camp watch by video phone as Rocky makes some pretty bold moves on his prey. What starts out as innocent horseplay leads to an intense scene of erotic action. Can Rocky get his man and win the bet? Danny Vox sneaks into an auto-mechanics’ shop to secure his stud and win the bet. New Falcon Exclusive Barrett Long and newcomer Christoph Scharff are the grease-monkeys who catch Danny sneaking around and decide to teach him a lesson. This scene gives new meaning to the adage “The Customer Always Comes First”  do they? Watch and find out. Newcomer Jason Ridge works up a sweat with Falcon Exclusive Maxx Diesel. A generous backrub evolves into a sizzling scene of sexual athletics sure to leave you begging for more. These two studs are sure to score, but can they sink the winning goal?

Size: 1.37 GB



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