FistingCentral – Heavy Handed Tutor (2018)

Studio Name: FistingCentral
Stars: Mike Panic, Drew Dixon, Jace Eros, Teddy Bryce, Devin Franco
Categories: Appearance, Cumshots, Fetish, Fisting, Muscled Men
Description: When the studying gets too intense, ‘The Heavy Handed Tutor’ is always available to gape a fresh new student. There’s nothing like having a fist up your ass to help you forget the trials and stress of a long day at school or that big test the next day. Sit back and let director Tom Moore guide your fists and open your asshole as he takes you on a journey through college experimentation and wrist-deep raunchy fist-fucks. Drew Dixon is distracting Jace Eros and Devin Franco from their studies in the library. When Drew walks over to their table with his cock out, Jace and Devin immediately suck his uncut meat before bending over to let Drew shove a hefty fist in each of their willing asses. After Jace and Devin both blast their loads, it’s time to stretch Drew to the limits. They bend the hunk over and take turns alternating fists in his wrecked hole until he rewards them for a job will done with a thick fountain of cum for Jace and Devin to share in their hungry mouths. Tatted student Teddy Bryce and Mike Panic are studying for a college exam, but Mike can’t concentrate on anything but Teddy’s insatiable ass. Mike pulls out his rod to get Teddy’s full attention and rams it up his study buddys tight ass. Mike wants to see just how far he can stretch Teddy’s hole and buries his fist wrist deep into the tatted stud. After Teddy drops his load, he wants to give Mike the same treatment. He fucks his friends hole a bit and then puts on his own gloves and goes deep into Mike’s awaiting center, handballing his classmate. It’s a long, deep session that leaves Mike’s asshole busted and gaping. Mike unloads thick ropes on the floor as the final chapter to the duo’s study session. Sometimes, you just need to take a break from studying and take a few moments to receive a thick fist up your ass. So, close that book, and get that hole open and ready for ‘The Heavy Handed Tutor’.

Size: 4.52 GB





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