Jocks – Serviced (1999)

Studio Name: Jocks
Stars: Marcus Iron, Blake Harper, Nicholas Clay, Chad Kennedy, Fernando Montana, Cameron Fox, Gregor Yelson, Karl Tenner, Spike, Dave Nelson, Jason Branch
Categories: ’90s, Classic, Muscled Men
Description: Marcus knows just what he’s got: a stable of the hottest, horniest and hunkiest mechanics ever assembled! Star mechanic Dave Nelson heads to his favourite bar and gets dirty with huge-hung Spike and Chad Kennedy. Meanwhile, mechanic Jason Branch is putting in some overtime back at the garage and putting the moves on boss Marcus Iron. Mechanic Gregor Yelson comes home to boyfriend Cameron Fox and his giant cock. No garage day is complete without a no holds barred orgy featuring the talents of Marcus Iron, Karl Tenner, Nicholas Clay, Fernando Montana and Blake Harper.

Size: 1.31 GB



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