Le banquet d’Auteuil (2016)

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Title: Le banquet d’Auteuil (2016)
Genres: Comedy, History
Description: Tired of his wife’s infidelities, Moliere rented a house in Auteuil, with his young protege, Michel Baron and his lifelong friend, Chapelle who invited a turbulent troop to dinner, that will mock/envy the jealous passion of the author.
Director: Clément Beauvois, Régis de Martrin-Donos, Cyril Legann
Writer: Jean-Marie Besset (play), Régis de Martrin-Donos
Actors: Jean-Baptiste Marcenac, Hervé Lassïnce, Félix Beaupérin, Frédéric Rose
Rating: N/A
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Rated: N/A
Runtime: 109 min
Language: French | Subs: Hard Coded – English