Studio Name: SouthernStrokes
Stars: Jack Finix, Luke Geer, Tyler Tremallose, Zack Love, Lucifer Angel, Beno Eker, Chris Summers, Isaac Esteban,
Categories: New Release, Twink, Bareback, Anal, High Definition
Description: What would you do for Luke Geer, Jack Finix, Chris Summers, Zack love, Beno Eker, Isaac Esteban, Lucifer Angel, and Tyler Tremallose? Kiss them, hug them, squeeze them? Or would you go straight for the cock? Suck them, rim them, fuck them. Or are you the type of man who wants his twink on top? Or maybe you’re the generous type who likes a simple business transaction. Top or bottom, generous, or for pleasure, we know you’ll do what it takes to please these beautiful boys and make them smile. For The Love of Twinks – 2.

Size: 3.37 GB




  1. What is the password or keyfile to open the RAR files?

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