Studio Name: Staxus
Director: John Smith
Stars: Jesse Magowan, Heath Denson, Jack James, Justin Convay, Kevin Luong, Martin Bures, Rob Tadon, Neo Matthews, John Parker, Kevin Ateah, Timmy Taylor,
Categories: Jocks, Twink, Bareback, Anal, High Definition, Exclusive
Description: If you’re looking for a top-notch masseur then you could do a lot worse than employ the enviable talents of John Parker, a horny bastard who seems to fully understand the needs of his clientele and who will go the extra mile to ensure that his customers are fully catered for. A fact that quickly becomes all too apparent when Kevin Ateah walks in through the door and lies out on the massaging bench. For Parker’s clearly intent on making sure that every single muscle in Ateah’s body and we do mean every single muscle! is thoroughly rubbed to perfection.

Size: 1.26 GB



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