Studio Name: TreasureIsland
Director: Paul Morris
Stars: Ray Dalton, Derek Anthony, Mike Mexitop, Curtis, Mark, Craig, Lucca Mazza, Lito Cruz, Gavin Strong, Haleem, Allen Undor, Tober Brandt, Mike Smith, John Sullivan, JC Woof, Armando Cortez, Chad, Josh, Amir, Matias, Jasper Adams, Jake Phillips, Daxx Maxxon, Derek, Jake Wood, Caedon Chase, Jonny
Description: The urge to mate is both human and primordial. For this release, Paul Morris challenged himself to find the horniest, most unrestrained madman fuckers around, master topmen like Brad McGuire and BJ Slater, uberbottoms such as Christian, John Sullivan, and newcomer Joe Rocco, and many others, and gave them full rein to run wild, surrendering to their natural instincts and every desire as they dominate and are subjugated. This is pure, primal fucking.

Size: 2.92 GB

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