Studio Name: TreasureIsland
Director: Paul Morris
Stars: Allen Adams, Bilal Bagra, Brad McGuire, Caedon Chase, Dan Fisk, Dave, Dawson, Ian Jay, J.T. Steel, Jacob Scott, Jerry Stearns, John Sullivan, Jonas, Lito Cruz, Ryan Sullivan, Will, Yuri
Description: JERRY STEARNS is one of those incredibly rare men endowed with physical attributes that could easily lead a guy to become an ego-maniac. But JERRY isn’t just a man who is phenomenally gifted physically; he’s also one of the finest and most humble guys you could ever hope to meet. For me, it takes more than just a huge cock to make a LEGEND — though JERRY certainly possesses one of the biggest and most beautiful cocks it’s been my pleasure to encounter! In scene after scene, JERRY’s intensity and his personality shine through — watch the way the men react as he fucks them. They’re transported, not only because they’re being plowed by the biggest, but also because they’re connecting with a truly exceptional man. If ever a man deserved to be given the label of legend, it’s JERRY STEARNS. He carries his world-class gifts with a grace worthy of study and emulation.

Size: 2.33 GB



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