Title: Queen of Lapa (2019)
Genres: Documentary
Description: Larger-than-life actress, cabaret performer, activist, and proud sex professional since the age of eleven, Luana Muniz – arguably one of Brazil’s most famous transgender personalities – shaped a new reality in her hostel by providing a safe working environment for generations of young transgendered girls in neighborhood of Lapa in Rio de Janeiro. Queen of Lapa explores the women’s day-to-day lives, quests for love, the Brazilian political climate, housemate rivalries, all under matriarch Muniz’s watchful and guiding eye. An engaging and honest look at the house of Muniz, focusing as much on the Brazilian activist and transgender herself as the individuals she safeguards. With no clear focus, the film is an interwoven carpet of hopes, dreams, dangers and human stories. Behind every laugh is a deeper layer, and the film succeeds in making all of them being heard. Brazil is known for having a large population of transgender sex workers. Queen of Lapa is a warm, sex-positive documentary that follows a group of young transwoman prostitutes who live under the roof of famous Brazilian trans personality Luana Muniz. The girls and Luana have a fascinating dynamic that feels like an unconventional family. The film allows us to really get to know some of them, with the blonde, free-spirited Gabi being the one who stood out to me the most. Though some of these women share horrific stories of abuse and being placed in life-threatening situations, Queen of Lapa overall keeps a pretty light, fun tone. The bickering back and forth between the girls is endearing, and Luana is a caring maternal figure. The trans community is sorely lacking visibility in cinema, so this doc is vital for anyone seeking representation or education.
Director: Theodore Collatos, Carolina Monnerat
Actors: Luana Muniz
Rating: 7.6
Vote: 25
Runtime: 73 min
Language: Portuguese | Hard Coded: English Subtitle

FileSize: 1.14 GB



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